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Ridgid Heavy Duty offset pipe wrench 14-24 inch

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Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrench 6-60 inch

Ridgid Straight Pipe Wrench 6-60 inch

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Ridgid Hex Wrench E-110

Ridgid Hex Wrench E-110

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Ridgid wrenches

Ridgid wrench

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The SnakeCam

The SnakeCam is a remarkable, high quality, low cost, inspection tool combining user flexibility with quality equipment, it is waterproof to a 30m depth.

Completely portable system combines a miniature CCDcamera with a hand held TFT display that delivers crystal clear colour pictures. The standard inspection camera has inbuilt cold LED lights and can operate in complete darkness.

The standard display unit is very compact and has a rotating screen so that, regardless of the camera orientation, the picture can always be viewed “head up”. Images can be downloaded for record purposes or for transmission to manufacturers.

The SnakeCam 3 display unit has the ability to capture images and record voice data. By inserting an SD card you can take high quality pictures, zoom in, add voice tags, rotate and flip the image and easily transfer data to you PC by either inserting your card into the PC or connecting you monitor to the PC via a USB cable. The display unit is also waterproof to a depth of 6 metres. Both display units are protected by a Lexan outer cover. With cable lengths of up to 500 metres, extendable poles up to 7.8 metre, and many other accessories,

SnakeCam can be used for a large variety of hard to reach inspections. Snake Cam can be easily attached to any model of Borescope or Fibrescope for seeing through small apertures.

A cost effective device for technicians, inspectors and investigators and can be used in a wide range of applications such as:

Emergency Search & Rescue, Loft Searches, Disaster Management, Engine Installations, NDT Positioning, Hydraulic Leaks, Inspecting Airframes, Wheel Bays, Cockpits, Instrument Panels, Wiring Runs, Searching behind Cabin Panels, Under Floors, Toilets, Ducting, Containers, Vehicles, Under Water, Ship Search, Aircraft Search Nuclear Areas, Training, Retrieving Foreign Bodies or Tools, Event Recording, Building searches, Asbestos Searching, the list is endless.

Part Number Description

HLEAD Mains Adapter (please state country)

HCDCL Power Adapter, DC

HCAB4 Cable Extension, 1.25m

HCAB30 Cable Extension – 9.25m

HCAB100 Cable Extension – 30m (Maximum 90 feet)

HUIDL Cable I/O, Video

HRBMICRO Audio Video Recorder


HGOO1M Camera Adapter, Gooseneck – 1m

HGOOEX Camera Adapter, Gooseneck – extra metre up to 10m

HFING Camera Adapter, Finger

HWAN18 Camera Adapter, Rigid Wand 46cm

HCAMLED Search Camera, LED, (Waterproof)

HCAMCED Camera ‘C’ Mount for borescopes

HCAMIR Inferred Camera

HDIS LCD Display Unit

HDISR Display Unit with built in Audio & Picture capture

HFNECK Neck Strap

HSUNH Red Box Sun Shield Hood

HTOR1W Xenon Light Adapter 1 Watt

HTOR2W Xenon Light Adapter 2 Watt

HBELT12 Belt Battery Pack + Charger

HBATT Short Search Batteries (2 x 25 Min)

HBBPCO Charger, for Short View Batteries

HVIDCC “Capture vision” PCUSB Card, software, cables RBVA Optical Video Adapter

HSHR Protection cover for LED camera

HPOL3STG-SM Telescopic Lightweight Carbon Fibre Camera Pole 79cm – 140cm with Articulating Camera Head

HPOL3STG Telescopic Lightweight Carbon Fibre Camera Pole 160cm – 360cm with Articulating Camera Head

HPOL26T Telescopic Lightweight Carbon Fibre Camera Pole 190cm – 780cm with Articulating Camera Head

HPOLSTRAP Poll carry strap

HCASE Enhanced Carrying Case

HCASP Waterproof “PELI” Case

HCASS Standard Case

SnakeCam Technical Description

Display unit

· 5 in. (12.7 cm) full colour TFT-LCD

· 320 x 234 colour pixels

· Rotateable display

· Anti Glare screen

· Adjustable hand strap

· Three (3) level camera light control lowmed-high + off

· Camera probe light control high/low

· External power port

· Video I/O port (composite)

· Water resistant

Display with audo & visual recorder

· Digital 5 in(12.7cm) color TFT LCD

· 640 x 480 color pixels

· Adjustable hand strap

· Three (3) level camera light control lowmed-high + off

· SD card port

· jpg. image capture

· wav. audio capture

· USB2 port

· A/C power port (for optional externally

continuous power)

· Video I/O port

· IP68 certified

General search LED Camera

· CCD Camera

· 1.2 in. (3cm) diameter

· Removable

· Sensitivity 10n lux

· Resolution 512x492

· Field of view 46°4 white light LED’s

· Waterproof to 100 ft. (30m)

C Mount Camera

· Adapts Snake cam to Borescopes and Fiberscopes

Power systems

Battery power

· Up to 45 min continuous operation by each of 2 x 6v NIMH rechargeable batteries.

· Optional Belt pack, up to 6 hours operation.

· Fast Battery charger

Continuous power

· AC/DC adapter

· 12v Automobile adapter


· System Weight less than 3 lb. (1.4kg.)

· Video input /output NTSC, colour PAL, B/W

Power requirement

· AC nominal 100-240v

· DC nominal 12v

System operating temp

· -32°F to 122°F(0°C to + 50°C)


Aqua Snake Cam Technical details (PDF)


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